Postcard Marketing for Ecommerce

Build your brand and improve your sales with automated, high-converting physical postcards!


We automatically print and mail postcards with expiring coupons to new customers.

Customers get your postcard right in their hands while emails are ignored.


You get a second purchase from a delighted customer who’s now a repeat buyer.

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    Punch Above Your Weight

    Easily send real, physical mail like the big brands.

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    Beat Their Crowded Inbox

    Increase engagement and revenue by going straight into their hands

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    Connect with Touch

    Physical touch connects your brand with your customers’ emotions on a deeper level.

We are extremely happy with the returns we are getting with the post cards. It works great – Highly Recommended!Clawhammer Supply


How does it work?

Easy. We reserve you a monthly allowance of postcards at $0.99 each.

Send up to:


50 per month


200 per month


500 per month


Generated over $10,000 in sales for us.

Touchcard is a great app and allows you to build a personal relationship with your customers while also increasing loyalty.

We spent a lot of time going back and fourth with the team and they were super responsive! Touchcard really wants you to have the best campaign possible.

Totally worth the $$$ and we’ll be using them for the long run!!!Natural Stacks

Multiply your marketing with Touchcard.

We’re helping select Shopify stores with a free consultation and card design.

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Touchcard works best for established Shopify stores that are intent on building a brand. We’ve had success with everything from fashion to consumables, jewellery, beauty & personal care, gifts, tactical gear, pet supplies, subscription boxes, niche industrial equipment, and more.
If your shop is just starting out and you don’t yet have a steady stream of customers, then your time and money is usually better spent getting more customers in the door first.
We’ve seen some great returns for our customers — conversion rates near 15% and Return on Ad Spend of over 35 to 1 (case study). As with any new marketing channel, it’s critical to run a high quality experiment to see if it works for your business.
Yes! Touchcard can send postcards to anywhere in the world. Because we send out postcards from the USA, we have to pay extra postage for cards sent internationally. We do this by charging one additional credit for each international postcard.